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grr, argh

  • May. 27th, 2009 at 11:28 PM
pontisbright: (cyber bollocks: gordon_r_d)
One day, I will manage to post a Big Pile Of Whiny Personal Shit to LJ without hitting Security: private 30 seconds later.  But apparently not right now.  Apologies to anyone hit by tl:dr yesterday.  Short version: let me do my job?  Cos my job is the thing you pay me to do.  Jumping through hoops is that thing I was appalling at when I was at school.  MY CAREER IS NOT MEANT TO FEEL LIKE ONE LONG P.E. LESSON.

OK, now I'm thinking about freezing communal showers.  Bad metaphor, no biscuit!

Hmmm.  I'm really full of pizza.  Why do they put that much pizza on one plate?  I left about half and still feel slightly like I might die.  (Stomach may also contain some wine, but hey, that's sloshy, sloshy things don't take up space, right?)  

Keep meaning to properly be all OOOOH FARSCAPE THOUGH, except the last one I watched was That Old Black Magic and frankly, if that was the only one you ever saw, you'd just run away to the land of less horrible acting where there aren't so many purple people.  I do remember, back in the day, the guy who wrote it embarrassed?  Makes me wonder how showrunners and exec prods might characterise certain things if they weren't still required to be part of an ongoing publicity machine.  It's bad form to diss your peers: professionally illogical to diss yourself.  But does Mark Gatiss look at The Idiot's Lantern and think 'wow, that was staggeringly disappointing'?  Does Rusty think 'you know, actually, I'm repeating myself, and I was never much cop at the big denouements anyway'?  Not just in a 'ohh, I'm so aware of my own fallibility, please validate me!' fashion: in a sincere, thoughtful, as-near-to-objective-as-possible summation of each 44 minutes that ended up on the screen.  I don't expect them to say so, to us.  Not now, anyway.  I just wonder if they think that.

Farscape make me want to cry with how much I love it, though.  I watched the first 8 episodes across one week, and it felt like being given tea and sat in a nice comfy chair while someone brushed my hair, and unlaced my shoes.  Hi Moya, I'm home! :)