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  • Aug. 9th, 2009 at 7:09 PM
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Top 5 fannish things meme (which I reserve the right to change my mind about tomorrow, because I am very probably wrong about my own opinion, oops).

Top 5 Campion moments, for wishfulaces:
- 'he kissed her unromantically on the nose', Sweet Danger. Could be squicky in context, but manages to be affectionate without being paternal or avuncular.
- oh, I wish I'd written down the line. The Fashion in Shrouds, and in the middle of all the jolly shenanigans about murder and frocks is the subtext of Britain having irrevocably altered during WWII. First hint that Allingham isn't going to pretend the 20s carried on forever just because it's a Campion novel.
- Lugg doing the h/c in Traitor's Purse. Amnesia! counterfeit money! a plot that could change the course of the war, sir! It's a thriller, not a detective story, in which Campion can't remember who the hell he is – which is unfortunate for both the secret service and his fiancee. The point where Lugg tracks him down and realises Himself genuinely needs looking after: well, aww.
- Tiger in the Smoke: triangular Charlie Luke and his punctuation mark eyebrows. I love that Luke basically exists to show how anachronistic Campion is, yet they still work brilliantly together.
- can't really leave the visuals out entirely, can I?

Top 5 Doctor Who Moments that make you like the companion involved in them much more than you normally do, for ionlylurkhere:
- Tegan getting pissed and Charlestoning with Lord Whatsit in Black Orchid. She so often gets lumbered with being the Shouty HumanThickie who asks daft questions to allow exposition, which makes me want to kill her with an axe, so it's nice to see her relaxed and competent and enjoying herself. Also: costume love.
- Leela in Robots of Death, being all super-brainy and figuring stuff out and not being epically patronised by the Doctor or the script.
- Liz Shaw as Brigade Leader Shaw. Ahem.
- Adric and Five fighting about Maths in Earthshock, because Five out-twats him by a country mile, and really they're fighting about the fact that Adric wants to leave and not about Maths at all, bless their emotionally incompetent cotton socks. Waterhouse is much less dreadful than usual, which helps.
- OH GOD I LIKE COMPANIONS TOO MUCH. Um. 'I'm Perpigillium Brown and I can shout just as loudly as you can!'

Top 5 Classic Doctor Moments, for taperoo2k:
- every single instant of Terror of the Zygons (if pressed for one: evil!Harry)
- 'They sleep in my mind, and I forget.'
- Five's 'You're not going to stop me now!' rant in Caves
- Three eating the sandwich
- Turlough nicking the Brig's car and cackling like a loon

Top 5 On-Screen Kisses, for violetcreme:
(This was unbelievably hard! Apparently I am mostly fannish about things where people don't kiss each other. Telly is after all mostly about people intending to kiss each other but not quite getting round to it on account of that buggering it all up. Or something.)

- John/Aeryn – The Maltese Crichton (uber-spoilery if you haven't seen Farscape S2: from 5.30)
- Han/Leia – ESB, the Carbon Chamber
- Indy/Marion – Raiders, in the tent, where he finds her tied up, snogs her face off, and, um, ties her up again
- Westley/Buttercup – the 'As you wish' hill roll
- I was going to go for the Willow/Tara 'extra flamey' kiss, but it isn't an on-screen kiss, is it? So, um, Alice/Dana, The L Word S2, lots.

Top 5 Father Dougal moments, for __kali__:
- Christmas episode: a perfectly adult way to spend the festive season.
- his rabbit is called Sampras. Because of the whole tennis/rabbits connection there.
- his dream video for My Lovely Horse
- Fun Land: because a spiderbaby and mittens on a string = Fun
- Reality/Dreams:

Will happily do more if anyone feels inspired.

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