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Commentary commentary

  • Sep. 9th, 2009 at 1:16 AM
pontisbright: pontisbright (pontisbright: tube sign)
Black Guardian Trilogy.  More gingery minxing than has ever before been seen on dvd.  I have waited for 2Entertain to give us a shiny boxset forever and ever, and now they have, and... yay?

OK, so I'm being a shite fangirl and haven't watched any of the shiny extra bits and bobs yet (anyone seen the new-effects version of Enlightenment?  Cos frankly if it's anything like what they did to The Five Doctors, they can bugger off), but I have done the commentaries and can safely conclude that they are, erm, a bit dull.  Sorry.  However, there is a traditional solution to Who going a Bit Boring. 

1 drink every time:
* it's Eric Saward's fault
* the presence of Nicholas Courtney charms you into forgetting Eric Saward is present
* Eric Saward isn't actually present, thus allowing everyone to call him an utter shit
* 'it's the top of a tap!'
* 'there was a man with a car battery following me around!'
* 'and his dressing room was full of smoke!'
* Petey complains about the lighting
* Petey mentions all the telly work he's getting these days (which is all very brilliant and not badly lit like this load of old poo)
* Steven Gallagher makes you like Terminus, even though it's rubbish, just by being a funny, interesting, articulate sort of chap
* Sarah Sutton makes you like Terminus, even though it's rubbish, just by being unassuming and lovely and not minding that whole taking-your-clothes-off-for-no-reason business
* Barbara Clegg makes you like Enlightenment less, even though it's magnificent, by being hopelessly bad at actually speaking at all
* Petey slags off Janet since she isn't there
* you get the strongest feeling that they hate each other

Maybe it's me, but I get the impression that there's no love lost between Petey and Stricko.  They're polite enough for the first two (with Courtney and Sutton as foils), but the Enlightenment commentary devolves into a fairly grim pissing contest, in which Petey confesses he hasn't had time to rewatch it and Barbara Clegg is (maddeningly) the definition of a dopey old dear who needs a bit of prompting: Strickson takes over as putative 'head of the commentary', asking her nudging questions to keep the whole thing moving along, and I get the sense that Petey is, um, unimpressed with his demotion.  Stricko, meanwhile, continues to tell the same three anecdotes from the previous two commentaries, and seems a wee bit narked when his commentarees are unaware of his 'discovering that crocodile bloke' credentials, so he doesn't exactly cover himself in glory either.  Possibly I am overinvested (ahem), but it was all a bit depressing, alas.  I think all commentaries need a Sarah or a Janet to keep things ticking over either in terms of niceness or self-deprecatory bitching: I do hope they get Nicola in for the Planet of Fire one, or we are in for Petey and Stricko in a fight to the death! deepest tedium. 

Sincerely, though, Terminus is totally worth rewatching with commentary.  Despite it being the shit one of the 3 (mostly due to the bloody awful music), the commentary is full of cheering lols about how pathetically badly Saward rewrote the Random Clothing Removal and generally ignored what sounds like quite a clever script, plus how the story was received by Actual Lepers.  Throw in the Garm (Fat Man Waddling) and Petey admitting to some hilarious over-sincere 'I hurt my arm in the last scene' continuity-acting, and you end up with one of those 'much less duff than I remembered' stories.  That mad push in on the Black Guardian as the last cliffhanger looks awesome on a proper big telly too. :)

Anyone got proper Barbara Clegg/Eric Saward hate anecdotes, by the way? Or is he just generically evil?