I love today

  • Apr. 14th, 2007 at 9:38 PM
pontisbright: pontisbright (Default)
I think I might be at Disneyland and not at home at all.

My family have this theory that there is magic/evil Disney Gas pumped through the air at Disneyland, for what other explanation can there be for perfectly intelligent people deciding to wear Mickey ears and thinking It's a Small World After All is a lovely cheering ride and not at all populated by frightening and borderline racist costumed midgets?

I have clearly been at the Disney Gas today, for today has been purest win.

I watched the first episode of The Invasion, and the Cosgrove Hall animation stuff is unexpectedly pretty, and Jamie got all pouty about being an unwanted model, and it is burninated Two that I can properly watch and enjoy, hurrah! I know the RT are saying they probably won't do more, but pff. I shall delight in what there is.

Then I went shopping, and now have exciting fake Converse with little stars on them for really cheap from New Look, and a pair of earrings that make my ears say 'YES' on them, which is possibly some kind of dubious sexual invite but means if I suddenly lose my voice I can still be enthusiastic about important things, like cashback, and ambulances. And I nearly bought a ridiculous orange trapeze coat which would allow me to flounce about pretending to be Sharron Macready from The Champions. Still might go back for it. (£15 in Primark. Yay for Britain's dodgy high street tat shops!)

On the way home I listened to the first episode of Renaissance of the Daleks, which only confirms my suspicions that Big Finish is run by LJ's Petey fangirls. A scone, unconsciousness, and handcuffs within the first ten minutes? Thank you very much. :)

I got home to a phone message from a job I applied to, which presumably means I have an interview. Which means I might definitely be able to have an absurd orange coat that only costs 15 quid. :)

And then I made couscous and watched New Who and I am even happier than I was before.

(Please no one harsh my squee by pointing out quite how much of my present cheer is Whovian and/or very shallow and not really involving very much talking to other human beings. Because I have Disney Gas, and I won't care anyway, whee!)

I have cheer to spare. *bestows it upon you all like glitter*

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