No Ten Little 'Indians'?

  • May. 17th, 2008 at 7:43 PM
pontisbright: (5woo_snowgrouse)

A country house murder mystery in 1926 (complete with furtive gayness on the lawn). There wasn't really any way I wasn't going to love this, was there?

* Fenella Woolgar = awesomeness. And she looks quite a lot like Christie too. I was all aflail for her and her angsting (even if I fear for the sake of humanity if she becomes the best-selling author of all time, alas).
* Donna! No disrespect to Martha, but Ten 'n' Donna as a team are so much fun. I want her dress. And her hair. And her ability to remember what magnifying glasses do to pesky insects in a crisis.
* 'loo' not toilet'. I was all set to be cross about them getting that wrong, and then it turns out they know their Mitford after all. :D
* 'I loved him so passionately that I didn't mind that he was a giant wasp'. Oh, Barbara: whatever would Tom say?
* Vague shoutouts to Black Orchid, Ghost Light, The Green Death, and not-so vague to The Veiled Leopard: yay.
* Ten's Belgian adventures. Mmmkay. (Is that what he got up to post-Rose?)
* Apparently ginger beer doesn't just get Time Lords drunk. *makes note*
* Oh, the kitchen antidote scene, I love you. UST up the wazoo. I approve muchly of the 'aliens made us snog right after one of us just downed a jarful of anchovies' trope.

Jolly good fun: gin slings all round. My favourite historical of New Who so far, definitely.

There were two things wrong with that whole season - and no, they aren't called Bela and Ruby (although damn, I was really hoping TPTB wouldn't bow to the fanbrats like that, sigh). Lack of budget (hence tiny casts, crap FX and most of all, no cock rock soundtrack) plus the writer's strike has made Dean's Year feel a bit like Dean's crowbarred-in-at-the-last-minute Hour Or Two.

Finale: a bit wonky, but satisfying. I assume if they'd had a few more pennies, we'd have seen the 'inner' demons just as Dean was seeing them, which would've made that idea feel a bit less slapdash - and really, if they'd had more time, I'm guessing they would've seeded that earlier on. But I'll forgive them all for the Bon Jovi scene, which...dawwwww, dorky Winchesters. And (unlike last year, where they wrapped it all up a little too much) we've got a tasty cliffy to chew on. You aren't a proper genre show until you've left one of your heroes in Hell between seasons, after all.


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