I dream of Colin Baker

  • Jul. 5th, 2008 at 5:08 PM
pontisbright: (5turlough_pardon?)
I dreamed the Who finale. If you are already quietly mocking me, you really have no idea...

It starred exciting! unexpected! cameos of all previous Doctors except Eight (boo. My dream does not think Eight is canon) and Seven, although Sylvester McCoy was in it as Two, wearing a black wig. All the others were wearing Colin Baker wigs. (Except possibly Colin Baker, as how would one know?) Colin got to be with Ten. All the others were trapped in a toilet for the entire episode (Peter Davison had a wee at one point. OH MY SUBCONSCIOUS, NO), and seemed largely unimpressed with the script. Colin and Ten had to do battle with an Evil Thing which turned out to be a levitating baby's booster seat, prompting Ten to cry a single emo tear about babies in general (or possibly the specific). And then it ended with Colin Baker and the levitating high chair becoming the new companions and flying off with Ten on a new adventure, and I realised that none of the other companions had even been in it and Donna was just GONE and I WAS SO TERRIBLY DISAPPOINTED.

I would like none of those to happen this evening, please. And also for no spoilery things in the comments, if you should feel the need to comment on my very insightful and not at all humiliating dream. I wish I didn't even know the small spoileriness I do know. OH BLIMEY I AM UNREASONABLY EXCITED.


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