Mind The Gap

  • May. 5th, 2009 at 12:45 AM
pontisbright: pontisbright (pontisbright: tube sign)
I made my DWth look beautiful. Mmmm, so pretty. And no, I've moved to Dreamwidth, not to London, but the layout is so pleasingly tube-mappy that a new icon seemed required. (Yes, fellow font-nerds, I know that isn't Johnston and that's why it doesn't look quite right. Yes, it annoys me too. Worse things happen at sea, probably.)

I'm amused that 'pretty' came above functionality in my to-do list, but I think that's why my LJ-borkage has been pissing me off so much. I've missed icons. I've missed pages that aren't ugly. And I probably wouldn't have bothered to do anything more than namesquat if it weren't for LJ basically having become unusable for me - but now I'm here, it's all nice and breezy. I'm still figuring out how to work custom flists and the like, but since I can't sensibly hold a conversation on LJ these days, I'll crosspost but keep comments only on DWth for the time being. Apologies if that's massively irritating: won't be offended at all if you can't be arsed. (Apologies also for bellowing 'someone give me a bloody invite' at the precise moment that everyone wanted one: I genuinely had no idea my final oh-god-LJ-is-killing-me moment coincided with the proper launch thingy, and would've been somewhat less shouty had I known. Um. I am covered with shame.) Will still be reading LJ people who aren't cross-posting/migrating, but eventually through some uber-complex feed-based thing which no one has yet invented. (Am I right that even if I subscribe to LJ's auto-existing feed for personal journals that all flocked posts will be stripped out? Because that makes it a bit pointless in some people's cases...)

I have so many million things to post about, just as soon as I figure out this whole "whether cross-posting buggers up cut-tags" business. When I sat down this post was going to be all about A2A. I hit a wave of fannishness earlier, skimming through old picspams (I hated Runaway Bride-Donna a lot. I did not want her to come back. Sorry, Donna). And real life is flinging me from cheery peak to hideous trough with gay abandon, and, oh god, a bit of me wishes I was still just watching lives happen to other people on TV, because they're a bit knackering in person. It's all fine, really. I'm just a bit unaccustomed to casually reading my horoscope, and having a love life and a career for it to be wrong about. I haven't been 15 for a really long time, so why is so much of my brain still stuck there?

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