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  • May. 6th, 2009 at 8:47 PM
pontisbright: pontisbright (Default)
My viewings, let me show you them!

DW: The Rescue - Bloody hell, why did no one warn me this one was quite so creepifying? I know mostly it's the usual festival of Babs' ever-increasing hair, Ian 'n' One being all oneupmanshippy*, and some rubbery LOLmonster of the week. But oh, Vicki, how did I not know your intro was so entirely made of unsettling subtext? He killed everyone apart from her so she could 'back up his story'? And the only available person for that job was the semi-naked teenage girl just by chance, eh? Brrrr. It's like The Tempest only without the Daddy issues BECAUSE HE KILLED HER DADDY.

And now here's your new DaddyGrandfather, who's going to tell you that you're just a silly little girl who's upset over a trifling little thing like the strange woman you helped killing your pet, and that he obviously knows best because he's an old man. :/ I know One is quite lovely to her really, but in context, ugh.

One-era 2-parters FTW though! It felt jam-packed full of stuff, instead of a bit tumbleweedy in the middle while they get lost in that one bit of jungle for 3 episodes.

* No, not like that. Ian belongs to Babs (even if she totally ignores him in this one).

Blake's 7: Blake - *sniffles*  It's a bit good, though.  I know I was watching with the extra-special sense of impending doom but still, it manages to be sincerely uncomfy all the way through, and I was quite surprised that Tarrant wasn't dead about 10 minutes in because I thought they might just start as they meant to go on.  (Possibly this was just me being optimistic - though having watched the blooper reel, my love/hate for him is a bit more even-handed on account of Pacey being cheerful about exploding his trousers in the middle of a quarry.)  I do love the thought that anyone might ever buy St Blake converting to the dark side, though.  I also wonder how you're supposed to watch the Blake/Avon reunion without there being gigantic ex-boyfriend subtext, especially when THAT THING OH GOSH happens, but I'm convinced Avon has shagged everyone at some point.  Definitely Orac.  Anyway, even with the horrible slo-mo, it manages to be terribly sad.  I'm not surprised my sister cried for 3 hours solid.  At least Doctors regenerate.  And Robin Hoods. 

The Apprentice - That dog lead thing was shite.  I know it was less shite than the 'my cat likes to play in a tank, grrrr!' cardboard box thing, but it was still shite.  Cassandra Eyebrows should've got the boot for relentless smugness, but then Pants Man should've gone ages ago anyway.  Debra/Yasmina final, dammit!

Tomorrow I'm going to watch The Romans.  Or The Chase.  Or some Dollhouse.  Or all of them because I am currently bored and feckless.

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