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"Oh, and I just poisoned Nero"

  • May. 11th, 2009 at 1:25 AM
pontisbright: pontisbright (pontisbright: tube sign)
Mmm, Who-flavoured weekend...

The Romans
  • Barbara/Ian eeeeee!  They're so sweetly piss-takey with each other.  I could've lived without him 'amusingly' chasing her around the villa in exactly the same way that Nero 'amusingly' chased her around in Rome, but they are Ian and Barbara, so she can politely tell him off later and he can be appalled, and it'll all be ok.
  • OMFG BABS THOUGH.  She has such a great line in revulsion.  And hairdos.  Love her.
  • One and Vicki giggling their way through space and time = deep joy.  Apart from it feeling a bit dubious with him being quite so 'fuck off Ian and Babs, I am taking only the naive nubile one with me on thrilling space adventures from now on'.  I suppose they think they get away with it because of him being played so thoroughly as the sweet old duffer in this one, but...yeah.  Vicki is amazing though.  She just wanders places and only does stuff cos she feels like it, or is bored.  I quite want to give her her own show where she travels through time, and mocks it.
  • Ian's new boyfriend is unusually Brummie for a Roman. 
  • That is a very small gladiatorial arena. 
  • Those lions were suspiciously far away.  In fact I have a strong suspicion that they weren't even in Rome at all.
  • Why so rapey, Old Who?  Or: why so Comedy Benny Hill-style rapey?  I loved the Dennis Spooner tribute thingy in the extras, because Dennis Spooner!  And they gave it ITC-style credits!  And there was Brian Clemens being all dorky and nice!  All very yay.  And Rob Shearman seems like a nice guy.  But much as I loved this one it was love tinged with OH GOD THIS IS HORRIBLE on account of Barbara spending the best part of 2 episodes being about-to-be-assaulted by Nero, all played as farce (down to the Doctor almost crossing their paths, but everyone conveniently passing just out of sight) - and Shearman picked that out as one of the most hi-larious aspects.  Um.  I haven't read anything about this serial and thus have no clue if I'm just being oddly hyper-sensitive at present, it just me?  Early Who is my comfort viewing.  Please be actually comforting and not rapey?

The Invasion of Time
  • I am only 2 episodes in but Leela/Rodan, obviously.  Lalalala my fingers are in my ears I cannot hear the ending.
  • This doesn't work at all, does it?  You can't believe he's decided to be a traitorous fuck.  Mostly because this script is quite awful.
  • I want some jelly babies.

In other news, if I was not so besotted with Prettygirl, I would so be chasing after Joanna Lumley at present.  Capable sexy older woman who kicks political arse?  Oh yes please.

I am so failing at [ profile] farscaperewatch But I'm behind enough to have a mini-marathon?  MmmCrichton.

(And re Dreamwidth: sigh.  It is handy for me being able to post more easily, but otherwise, meh.  I just want LJ back, really.)