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In which I am easily amused.

And overexcited!  Did you know there's a new Seven/Ace/Hex audio out at the end of the month?  In which Hex is, um, Florence Nightingale?  Oh, Big Finish, how utterly delicious you are.  (It has Dolly from Bonekickers in it, too.  Which has reminded me that Bonekickers exists.  Heee!)

I think I had too much coffee today.  Or sugar.  Or both.  And toast for dinner, followed by a bowl of peas.  (It was meant to be minted pea soup and bread, but I was too hungry.  I'm sure mint isn't very nutritious, anyway.)  Mmmmmmmmmmmpeas. 

(By the way, the bee army are proving challenging to train on account of them only being able to count up to three - according to David Mitchell, anyway, and he's Junior Stephen Fry so probably knows things.  But still, we persevere.  Tomorrow: disorienting the enemy by means of flying at them sort of drowsily as if with no particular destination in mind.  It's going to be a winner, I tell you.)

it's not a bad old cosmos

  • Feb. 25th, 2007 at 4:53 PM
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15 Big Finish Audio text icons. Mmm, words are pretty.

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