ok, who ate my quality control?

  • Apr. 30th, 2007 at 8:52 PM
pontisbright: pontisbright (Default)
Dear Turlough,

I'm very sorry to have to admit this, but I've been cheating on you with Dean Winchester. I'm afraid his angsty carnival of manpain has become inexplicably compelling, despite being hilarious. Perhaps it is the fact that it comes in such a pretty box.

Please reassert your daddy issues for my consideration at the earliest opportunity. And maybe hit some demons and cry a bit.

Yours in deepest shame,
uktg xx

Seriously, I think I broke something in my head. A very large portion of my brain knows that Supernatural is sub-X-Files post-Buffy nonsense written by people who perhaps read a magazine once while stuck in a lift. And yet I am goofily involved enough to have watched quite a lot of it online, in tinyvision, with the audio out of sync and FRENCH SUBTITLES. Help? I've been kidnapped by a fictional character who likes cock rock and is really quite a lot of an arsehole. *is bewildered*

Should any of you be similarly unwell, don't spoilerise me: I've only seen up to 2x13 2x14 (OMG!) and I'm sure plenty of thrilling manpain is yet to come.

Oh, and just to share the trauma around:
Sam Winchester = Hawt Adric? )

This is really not helping my fic-drought. But it erases that nasty Daleky aftertaste quite well...