Commentary commentary

  • Sep. 9th, 2009 at 1:16 AM
pontisbright: pontisbright (pontisbright: tube sign)
Black Guardian Trilogy.  More gingery minxing than has ever before been seen on dvd.  I have waited for 2Entertain to give us a shiny boxset forever and ever, and now they have, and... yay?

OK, so I'm being a shite fangirl and haven't watched any of the shiny extra bits and bobs yet (anyone seen the new-effects version of Enlightenment?  Cos frankly if it's anything like what they did to The Five Doctors, they can bugger off), but I have done the commentaries and can safely conclude that they are, erm, a bit dull.  Sorry.  However, there is a traditional solution to Who going a Bit Boring. 

Yes, kids: it's the Black Guardian Trilogy Commentary Drinking Game! )