The Big Bang: rewatch

  • Jun. 27th, 2010 at 8:53 PM
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Well, I still have nothing coherent at all to say, frankly: it's all still just a big mishy-mash of ooh and ahh and this one thing (and this other one) )

Anyway - I was going to write a big dull emopost about how my life is a bit shit at present, with work going a bit tits-up, and certain members of my family excelling themselves in thoughtless mean asshattery, even by their own high standards. But, you know, there it was, Doctor Who, and I watched it, and it cheered me up. Not (just) in an escapist way, but because of what it means: because it's this story that we all grew up with, and we're all growing up with it again, letting it keep working its way into our cultural DNA, this story that knows for certain that the universe is and should be a good place, and there are decent wonderful brilliant people in it, and we're in it too.  (OK, sometimes it's about a spacewhale as well, but still.)  I love that.

So thank you, Moff, and Smiff, and K-Gill, and, er, A-Darv, and all of you. It's nice to be reminded.

Commentary commentary

  • Sep. 9th, 2009 at 1:16 AM
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Black Guardian Trilogy.  More gingery minxing than has ever before been seen on dvd.  I have waited for 2Entertain to give us a shiny boxset forever and ever, and now they have, and... yay?

OK, so I'm being a shite fangirl and haven't watched any of the shiny extra bits and bobs yet (anyone seen the new-effects version of Enlightenment?  Cos frankly if it's anything like what they did to The Five Doctors, they can bugger off), but I have done the commentaries and can safely conclude that they are, erm, a bit dull.  Sorry.  However, there is a traditional solution to Who going a Bit Boring. 

Yes, kids: it's the Black Guardian Trilogy Commentary Drinking Game! )

lovely meme-y thing

  • Aug. 9th, 2009 at 7:09 PM
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Top 5 fannish things meme (which I reserve the right to change my mind about tomorrow, because I am very probably wrong about my own opinion, oops).

Top 5 Campion moments, for wishfulaces: )

Top 5 Doctor Who Moments that make you like the companion involved in them much more than you normally do, for ionlylurkhere: )

Top 5 Classic Doctor Moments, for taperoo2k: )

Top 5 On-Screen Kisses, for violetcreme: )

Top 5 Father Dougal moments, for __kali__: )

Will happily do more if anyone feels inspired.

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In which I am easily amused.

And overexcited!  Did you know there's a new Seven/Ace/Hex audio out at the end of the month?  In which Hex is, um, Florence Nightingale?  Oh, Big Finish, how utterly delicious you are.  (It has Dolly from Bonekickers in it, too.  Which has reminded me that Bonekickers exists.  Heee!)

I think I had too much coffee today.  Or sugar.  Or both.  And toast for dinner, followed by a bowl of peas.  (It was meant to be minted pea soup and bread, but I was too hungry.  I'm sure mint isn't very nutritious, anyway.)  Mmmmmmmmmmmpeas. 

(By the way, the bee army are proving challenging to train on account of them only being able to count up to three - according to David Mitchell, anyway, and he's Junior Stephen Fry so probably knows things.  But still, we persevere.  Tomorrow: disorienting the enemy by means of flying at them sort of drowsily as if with no particular destination in mind.  It's going to be a winner, I tell you.)


  • May. 29th, 2009 at 3:57 PM
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Oh, glee.

I predict she shall be named Binky Turlough-Noble.


grr, argh

  • May. 27th, 2009 at 11:28 PM
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One day, I will manage to post a Big Pile Of Whiny Personal Shit to LJ without hitting Security: private 30 seconds later.  But apparently not right now.  Apologies to anyone hit by tl:dr yesterday.  Short version: let me do my job?  Cos my job is the thing you pay me to do.  Jumping through hoops is that thing I was appalling at when I was at school.  MY CAREER IS NOT MEANT TO FEEL LIKE ONE LONG P.E. LESSON.

OK, now I'm thinking about freezing communal showers.  Bad metaphor, no biscuit!

Hmmm.  I'm really full of pizza.  Why do they put that much pizza on one plate?  I left about half and still feel slightly like I might die.  (Stomach may also contain some wine, but hey, that's sloshy, sloshy things don't take up space, right?)  

Keep meaning to properly be all OOOOH FARSCAPE THOUGH, except the last one I watched was That Old Black Magic and frankly, if that was the only one you ever saw, you'd just run away to the land of less horrible acting where there aren't so many purple people.  I do remember, back in the day, the guy who wrote it embarrassed?  Makes me wonder how showrunners and exec prods might characterise certain things if they weren't still required to be part of an ongoing publicity machine.  It's bad form to diss your peers: professionally illogical to diss yourself.  But does Mark Gatiss look at The Idiot's Lantern and think 'wow, that was staggeringly disappointing'?  Does Rusty think 'you know, actually, I'm repeating myself, and I was never much cop at the big denouements anyway'?  Not just in a 'ohh, I'm so aware of my own fallibility, please validate me!' fashion: in a sincere, thoughtful, as-near-to-objective-as-possible summation of each 44 minutes that ended up on the screen.  I don't expect them to say so, to us.  Not now, anyway.  I just wonder if they think that.

Farscape make me want to cry with how much I love it, though.  I watched the first 8 episodes across one week, and it felt like being given tea and sat in a nice comfy chair while someone brushed my hair, and unlaced my shoes.  Hi Moya, I'm home! :)

"Oh, and I just poisoned Nero"

  • May. 11th, 2009 at 1:25 AM
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Mmm, Who-flavoured weekend...

The Romans )
The Invasion of Time )
In other news, if I was not so besotted with Prettygirl, I would so be chasing after Joanna Lumley at present.  Capable sexy older woman who kicks political arse?  Oh yes please.

I am so failing at [ profile] farscaperewatch But I'm behind enough to have a mini-marathon?  MmmCrichton.

(And re Dreamwidth: sigh.  It is handy for me being able to post more easily, but otherwise, meh.  I just want LJ back, really.)


stuff what I watched

  • May. 6th, 2009 at 8:47 PM
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My viewings, let me show you them!

DW: The Rescue )

Blake's 7: Blake )

The Apprentice )

Tomorrow I'm going to watch The Romans.  Or The Chase.  Or some Dollhouse.  Or all of them because I am currently bored and feckless.

he's in ur TARDIS, shouting at a lightbulb

  • Mar. 5th, 2009 at 1:06 AM
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Apparently today is Unofficial Turlough Day.  Rejoice!

In celebration of Big Finish's announcement that Mark Strickson will be reprising his role as the one and only Turlough in a Companion Chronicle come November, and because [ profile] silly_cleo  foolishly asked me to persuade her to like him, I bring you a collection of pimpy things.  (Most of them are old and contain broken links, but they also have shiny pictures of His Gingerness.  Kneel before him, or he will hit you with a rock.)

[ profile] loves_them_all 's Companion Posting Month: Pimp My Schoolboy (apologies for the dead Youtubes: first and last seem ok, though)

The Five/Turlough Ship Manifesto

[ profile] who_otp 's Rare Ships Month:
Tegan/Turlough: Part 1 | Part 2

And for those in need of bonus picspam: The Mighty Penis of Trion

(Anyone up for scheduling a Black Guardian rewatch over at [ profile] gingerminx ?  Might tie in with your cunning plan, [ profile] doyle_sb4 ?)

well, bugger - and a Very Important Poll

  • Jan. 16th, 2009 at 1:59 AM
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Patrick McGoohan shouldn't be allowed to die. Above all, he shouldn't be allowed to die and be faced with a pathetic lack of shit-giving. Grrrrrrr. I intend to set Rover upon the British media, until they relent and waffle about him like they (quite correctly) did Oliver Postgate. The man was a barking mad genius, and WE LIKE THOSE.[Poll #1331950][Poll #1331950]£10 stretches to 2 of those, mostly, with a bit of creativity and me not minding going over.  And I reserve the right to ticky all the tickyboxes, because all of those would be quite nice, after all.  (Apart from the kittens, because Prettygirl is allergic, dammit.  My cat-ownership plans are borked!  But for a much nicer reason than 'my boss said bugger off', so yay.)  Still, am a bit torn, and I am already late sending a thank you, but I hate not thanking someone specifically for what I got even if I might as well be thanking them for the new Brows That Are Furrowed CD by drum'n'bass'n'spoons'n'shit newcomers The Downhome Fucklebunnies.  So please help me to be less rude than I'm already being?

Tell me good Three to watch?  I have seen, um...Spearhead, Inferno, Claws of Axos, The Daemons, The Sea Devils, The Three Doctors, Carnival of Monsters, The Green Death, The Time Warrior.  I love: ridiculous shit.  I'm thinking Time Monster, Mind of Evil, Invasion of the Dinosaurs - but if anyone would like to prod me in any particular direction, feel free...

I dream of Colin Baker

  • Jul. 5th, 2008 at 5:08 PM
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I dreamed the Who finale. If you are already quietly mocking me, you really have no idea...

my not-especially-likely version of Journey's End )

I would like none of those to happen this evening, please. And also for no spoilery things in the comments, if you should feel the need to comment on my very insightful and not at all humiliating dream. I wish I didn't even know the small spoileriness I do know. OH BLIMEY I AM UNREASONABLY EXCITED.


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Once upon a time, before John Nettles played a policeman investigating ridiculously unlikely crime amongst the posh people of Midsomer, he played a policeman investigating ridiculously unlikely crime amongst the posh people of Jersey in Bergerac. Like Shoestring only shit, Jim Bergerac's claim to fame was his massive nose and extraordinary poetic skills ability to make a map of Jersey mutate into his own name once a week. How the criminals cowered!

As if shagging Leela every week weren't enough to assert his Whovian cred, old Jim met up with a certain ginger gentleman in 4.04, 'Low Profile'. In the interests of skience I have tracked it down...

swimming again, Turlough? )

Bergerac being the Casualty of its day, the rest of the Whoniverse of course receives excellent representation.

isn't that the bloke from... )

Now wasn't that educational?

I love today

  • Apr. 14th, 2007 at 9:38 PM
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I think I might be at Disneyland and not at home at all.

bear with me )

I have cheer to spare. *bestows it upon you all like glitter*


  • Apr. 13th, 2007 at 5:52 PM
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21 Three and Jo icons, because they are pretty and really quite shippable in an asexualist sort of way.

clicky )

Carnival of Majesticalness!

  • Apr. 12th, 2007 at 4:57 PM
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I have finished Carnival of Monsters, and can at last cheerfully declare that I love all the Doctors. Phew.

Drashigs, Tiny Little Harry, and why companions make all the difference )

I need to watch some more Three. And construct that 'Five Things of Who' doodah. And write some Twofic. And tag [ profile] torch_wood. And make a new header. And possibly some icons. Oh, fandom, you waste my time so beautifully...


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