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  • May. 2nd, 2006 at 4:10 PM
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Last night I had a dream about Mark Strickson, in which he co-presented a segment of 'This Morning' with Eamonn Holmes. About spacehoppers. And halfway through, shortly after Eamonn had commented that he hadn't changed a bit and had quite nice cheekbones, Stricko mutated into Harry Enfield's 'Kevin the Teenager', complete with dubious 1992-esque dayglo hoodie.

My subconscious is just rubbish. Finally a dream Stricko comes to visit, and is there exciting bondage and naughty ginger fun? No. There's daytime telly and some zits.

(Eamonn was right about the cheekbones, mind.)

In other thrilling news:

* BF audio Omega = work of genius. Consume at earliest opportunity. It will make your head go pop.

* Kinda = really much worse than I remember. The eerie Tegan mindmelt stuff is fantastic, and Hindle is brilliantly nuts (once one bypasses the 'but you are DCI Jack Meadows, wtf?' business), and I quite like the pith helmets. But Adrian Mills in a beach towel is too troubling, what with him being a crazy tribal bloke, and not a git in a suit reading out letters from Mrs Biddulph in Kettering who sent us this photograph of an amusingly shaped vegetable. (Warning: this reference is for Old People only. Youth Of Today, stand well back.)

* All Creatures Great and Small is more wonderful than anything else in the whole wide world. Not least the one where Tristan goes off to shag some nurses do his exams in Edinburgh and gets replaced by Richard Carmody, who turns out to be none other than spooky Marriner from Enlightenment. Michael Sheard's in it as well for full Who crossoverness. And James falls in poo. You can't ask for more than that.

* Peanut butter on crumpets is a meal, right?
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Somehow, last night, screencaps of Petey looking camp as Christmas led to the contemplation of a Five-era drinking game. And it's my night off work. Let the boozing commence!

The Fundamental Rule: drink whenever anyone puts their hands in their pockets. (courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] spiritedchaos)
The Drink: Sonic Screwdrivers (recipe from the DW cookbook, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] taleya)
The Episodes: I'm starting with Earthshock. Plan to move on to Enlightenment, assuming I haven't lapsed into a coma by then.

extra rules and recipe under the cut )

OK: well, I haven't got any mint. (THREE supermarkets failed me. Is there some kind of mint famine?) But I do have the other ingredients, all of which sound like they will make something unpleasantly sweet that will make me feel ill.

*goes away to get mix-y*
*coughs like a girl*

Good god. If I make it to Adric's Tragic Carking-It, it will be a miracle.

*fires up the video*

ETA: Earthshock episode 1 )

OK, moral dilemma: when a Cyberman dies, does one drink? (See, it's not just mindless alcohol abuse, it's a thought-provoking exercise to foster debate. With drinking.)

ETA: Earthshock 2 )

ETA: Earthshock 3 )

Earthshock 4 )

RESULT: booze count of 53. Headache level: minimal, but I definitely felt a bit teary about the squinty one, which I take to be clear evidence of the impact of naughty drinking.

frogs, frogs, frogs

  • Apr. 16th, 2006 at 12:26 PM
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All of LJ is made of talking about New Earth. So I am going to talk about Four to Doomsday instead.

why so racist, Doctor? )

So, yes. It's the rubbishest, but I still sort of like it. Which also happens to be what I think about New Earth. See how I did spoiler-free stealth reviewing there? I AM THE WEAVER!


audios and memery

  • Mar. 20th, 2006 at 2:44 PM
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Finished Spare Parts last night, and now get what everyone was on about. First two episodes are fine enough, with some lovely post-Adric flailing inadequacy from the Doctor, and a brilliant bit where he shouts at Nyssa, er, rather a lot. But it all seems rather bitty and directionless, with the Doctor encountering a Cyberman! escaping the Cyberman! encountering another Cyberman! escaping again ad infinitum while Nyssa bumbles about facilitating guest character development.

And then BANG CRASH WALLOPY-DOO, parts three and four are feckin' marvo. I never really got Cybermen before: never thought they were scary, never thought they were interesting. (Apart from killing Adric, ahem.) And I was a wee quivering thing listening to this. One bit in part three is one of the most disturbingly 'eek' moments I think I've ever heard from Who: right up there with 'Are you my Mummy?' And Fivey inevitably gets tied to a table and poked till he squeaks, which never gets old. And there is aaaaaaaangst and consequences and all that good stuff. Hooray!

Oh, and one of the Cybermen has the best voice-pattern ever, all rises and falls in the wrong places. If they use that in the new thing I will be really quite delighted.

And lo, since my brain has apparently melted and I am incapable of useful work-type-stuff, I steal memes from [livejournal.com profile] ph34rthedragon and memeify!

List your six of your favourite TV shows.

1. Doctor Who
2. Firefly
3. The Professionals
4. Farscape
5. Buffy
6. Starsky and Hutch

important questions about telly )

Now listening to The Mutant Phase. Five and Nyssa are having a snarking competition and being really rather lovely. There's a lot to be said for the solo companion thing: means they actually have a chance of doing a bit more than saying 'But what does that mean, Doctor?' in turn.



  • Mar. 19th, 2006 at 12:33 AM
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20 Five-era, mostly Black Orchid.

pretty girls in frocks, pretty men in dressing-gowns )

Help yourselves: comment, credit, concrit are all lovely but not remotely compulsory.


Not the mind probe!

  • Feb. 27th, 2006 at 6:07 PM
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This morning, Mr Postman brought me The Five Doctors, Serenity, and THREE bars of Green & Blacks. My siblings, they are good people. All Mondays should be like this.

Have seen The Five Doctors a thousand million times and it never fails to make me flail with glee. Things which especially popped out on this viewing:

inevitable squeeage )


well, duh

  • Feb. 8th, 2006 at 6:18 PM
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Googlefight has declared that dressing gown Five kicks the botty of dressing gown Ten. By this scientific test I have proven its reliability in all things.

proof, as if it were needed )


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Turlough's given up mascara and slapped on the eyeliner instead (not to mention suffering at the hands of JNT's hair-dye crusade - what, was he not ginger enough?).

Tarty Turlough )

And the Doctor abandons him in full tart mode in a roomful of sailors. Luckily, our boy seems to quite enjoy all the attention.

More Gay Hats )

Fivey/Tarty = immense levels of cuteness, however.

Couldn't Tegan have stayed on Terminus too? )

I am quite in love with this story. But I haven't got to Lynda Baron eating the scenery yet, so it may pall.