To-Do List

  • Feb. 27th, 2008 at 12:38 AM
pontisbright: (5turl_headdesk)
  • Collate data on Times Dean Winchester Has Died In Canon: use this to consider whether he has the most manpain of any fandom character ever, with skience, and possibly pie charts
  • Write treatise on why A Prefect Murder is the worst episode of Farscape, with reference to The One With The Beard, The One With The Lobster, and the First Law of Tribespeople in Sci-Fi ( ie they will always be in shit episodes), aka the Kinda Principle
  • Erase mental image of Wentworth Miller with hair
  • Locate Mark Strickson and shout the words 'Big! Finish!' at him for a bit
  • Stop eating Midget Gems: they aren't even nice

I've got that 'had my weekend on the wrong days, where am I?' feeling.  Urk.

Last night I dreamed an entire music video.  It was by the popular beat combo HEH, and featured their soon-to-be hit track 'The Imposssibilianas'.  There are about 20 of them like the Polyphonic Spree, only with spivs and Michele of the Resistance instead of hippies in blankets.  Michele had a lovely solo spot (with some very 80s trumpet breaks), and I recommend that you rush out and buy it immediately.  However, do be warned that before the fadeout there's some unexpected explicit Two porn.  Subconsciouses, eh?

ETA: Earthquake!  That would be what caused me to leap out of my chair going 'wtf poltergeists/rats/monsters?' about 40 minutes ago then.  Even more unexpected than the Twopron. *cowers*

More ETA: (from the same link, because these are the best statistics ever): British earthquakes have killed 11 people since 1580. Six were killed by falling stones, two fell from upper floors, two died of shock and one committed suicide.  Yeah.  We like our weather hardcore here.