The Big Bang: rewatch

  • Jun. 27th, 2010 at 8:53 PM
pontisbright: pontisbright (pontisbright: tube sign)
Well, I still have nothing coherent at all to say, frankly: it's all still just a big mishy-mash of ooh and ahh and this one thing (and this other one) )

Anyway - I was going to write a big dull emopost about how my life is a bit shit at present, with work going a bit tits-up, and certain members of my family excelling themselves in thoughtless mean asshattery, even by their own high standards. But, you know, there it was, Doctor Who, and I watched it, and it cheered me up. Not (just) in an escapist way, but because of what it means: because it's this story that we all grew up with, and we're all growing up with it again, letting it keep working its way into our cultural DNA, this story that knows for certain that the universe is and should be a good place, and there are decent wonderful brilliant people in it, and we're in it too.  (OK, sometimes it's about a spacewhale as well, but still.)  I love that.

So thank you, Moff, and Smiff, and K-Gill, and, er, A-Darv, and all of you. It's nice to be reminded.