well, bugger - and a Very Important Poll

  • Jan. 16th, 2009 at 1:59 AM
pontisbright: (Prisoner: be seeing you)
Patrick McGoohan shouldn't be allowed to die. Above all, he shouldn't be allowed to die and be faced with a pathetic lack of shit-giving. Grrrrrrr. I intend to set Rover upon the British media, until they relent and waffle about him like they (quite correctly) did Oliver Postgate. The man was a barking mad genius, and WE LIKE THOSE.[Poll #1331950][Poll #1331950]£10 stretches to 2 of those, mostly, with a bit of creativity and me not minding going over.  And I reserve the right to ticky all the tickyboxes, because all of those would be quite nice, after all.  (Apart from the kittens, because Prettygirl is allergic, dammit.  My cat-ownership plans are borked!  But for a much nicer reason than 'my boss said bugger off', so yay.)  Still, am a bit torn, and I am already late sending a thank you, but I hate not thanking someone specifically for what I got even if I might as well be thanking them for the new Brows That Are Furrowed CD by drum'n'bass'n'spoons'n'shit newcomers The Downhome Fucklebunnies.  So please help me to be less rude than I'm already being?

Tell me good Three to watch?  I have seen, um...Spearhead, Inferno, Claws of Axos, The Daemons, The Sea Devils, The Three Doctors, Carnival of Monsters, The Green Death, The Time Warrior.  I love: ridiculous shit.  I'm thinking Time Monster, Mind of Evil, Invasion of the Dinosaurs - but if anyone would like to prod me in any particular direction, feel free...