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  • Mar. 8th, 2007 at 3:24 PM
pontisbright: pontisbright (Default)
Boo. RIP, John Inman. Sadly, Are You Being Served? was largely toe-curling pish, but I remember being very fond of Mr Humphries in that inexplicable childlike way where you have no idea what it is about someone that is 'different', but find it appealing all the same. I seem to recall my parents once asking me who my favourite person on telly was, and me replying 'Larry Grayson' to universal bewilderment. Small [ profile] uktechgirl was a big fan of camp, apparently.

Yay! Wishfulaces wrote Hexfic. Ace/Hex fic, in the canonesque sense. Read it or I will bite you on the nosey. (More to the point, read it because it will reduce you to a pathetic flaily thing at the sheer adorableness of Scouse nurses. Or possibly that was just me, but you never know. Honestly, it is the fic equivalent of a hug and a cup of tea.)

Hmm... Speaking of adorable Scouse nurses, I've been pondering cut for spoileriness for Hex backstory in Dreamtime, Live 34 and Nocturne, and completely deranged over-reading of about three lines )

Oh dear. [ profile] calapine says 'Harry presumably needs a nurse'. Oh, the potential.