• Oct. 22nd, 2007 at 12:51 PM
pontisbright: pontisbright (tardis_beautiful)
I am quite unreasonably excited about the Children in Need thingy. Big Finish do a nice job of letting me pretend that Fivey is still the Doctor, but they do not have Teh Moff. Moff + Davison = my very favourite Whovian things both at once. And it's for charidee. THERE IS NO WRONG HERE.

Things I would like:
1) Mentioning of the ageing thing otherwise it's going to be a bit silly (preferably by Five having not technically died at all but just gone to retire in that garden thingy that whatsisname invented where all the regenerations end up, to play cricket and eat crumpets all day, hence > girth).
2) Companion shoutouts. Ginger references preferred, but purple air hostesses also accepted.
3) Gratuitous mention of Eight.
4) No sonic screwdriver comparisons: bin dun (plus The Visitation etc).
5) Totally not going to happen, but Ten in Five's console room.
6) Zygons.