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OK, first up: ignore all the wank in the papers and online about the play being ruined by fans, the actors being mobbed, sci-fi killing srs theatre etc. The audience had a handful more teenagers in it than the norm, but was otherwise the standard matureish/middle classish mix that Stratford usually attracts. No one behaved inappropriately in the theatre, before, during, or after the performance. Yep, there was a crowd afterwards at the stage door of about 100 people (far more than I've ever seen before, but not that unusual for a high-profile cast): yep, there was one little shriek from a couple of girls at the front, but most of the people lining up (all with programmes from the play: didn't see anyone with Who/Trek merch) were blokes aged 20+. Tennant (well, I assume it was him: I'm short) signed for about 5 minutes, made everyone giggle, and then retired inside again - at which point everyone wandered off again quite happily. All thoroughly civilised. So can we ditch the ridiculous speculation on this topic by people who've read one tabloid and decided fandom is embarrassing itself again?

*clears throat*

So: Hamlet, with David Tennant and Patrick Stewart and, er, Trexx from Trexx and Flipside...

to cut or not to cut, that is the question: quite detailed about the production, though, if you don't want to know that sort of thing )