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Somehow, last night, screencaps of Petey looking camp as Christmas led to the contemplation of a Five-era drinking game. And it's my night off work. Let the boozing commence!

The Fundamental Rule: drink whenever anyone puts their hands in their pockets. (courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] spiritedchaos)
The Drink: Sonic Screwdrivers (recipe from the DW cookbook, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] taleya)
The Episodes: I'm starting with Earthshock. Plan to move on to Enlightenment, assuming I haven't lapsed into a coma by then.

extra rules and recipe under the cut )

OK: well, I haven't got any mint. (THREE supermarkets failed me. Is there some kind of mint famine?) But I do have the other ingredients, all of which sound like they will make something unpleasantly sweet that will make me feel ill.

*goes away to get mix-y*
*coughs like a girl*

Good god. If I make it to Adric's Tragic Carking-It, it will be a miracle.

*fires up the video*

ETA: Earthshock episode 1 )

OK, moral dilemma: when a Cyberman dies, does one drink? (See, it's not just mindless alcohol abuse, it's a thought-provoking exercise to foster debate. With drinking.)

ETA: Earthshock 2 )

ETA: Earthshock 3 )

Earthshock 4 )

RESULT: booze count of 53. Headache level: minimal, but I definitely felt a bit teary about the squinty one, which I take to be clear evidence of the impact of naughty drinking.