A genius thing of great...oh.

  • Jul. 27th, 2008 at 10:25 PM
pontisbright: (cyber bollocks: gordon_r_d)
Now I know how all those people who didn't like Act III of Dr Horrible felt.

FONT CONFERENCE! Completely hilarious viral-type thingy about fonts, which managed to be a joke designed especially for [livejournal.com profile] pontisbright until...oh, I cannot even speak of it. But I suspect I shan't be alone in being utterly horrified by the ending? Please? Tis a bit like fandom, where you spend a little while going 'eee, other people who like what I like instead of finding it esoteric to the point of alarm!' and then you discover that otherwisecharming!Bob hates on Troughton. Does this mean there is font fandom? Helvetica/Felix Titling OTP 4EVA.

In other news, I apologise for my inexplicable downer on Blake's 7 S2. Have now resumed Space Panto = Glee mode, thanks to Shadow (little blobs of glass that walk! Cally inna box! Avon and Blake and Jenna in white looking so much like the Bee Gees it made me start singing at the telly!) and Weapon, which (despite the rubbishness of Trav 2: boo, I say, boo!) is bloody magnificent. The Lobster Suit was all I had heard and more. And Carnell...oh heavens...